COSIMA VI, Hobart, 3-4 November 2022

In 2022 we finally had an in-person COSIMA workshop! 🎉 Thanks to everyone who attended and made it such an enjoyable and productive meeting.

COSIMA2022 group photo

9am Thursday 3rd Nov – 4pm Friday 4th Nov 2022

Beautiful Hobart! (specifically, CSIRO Hobart Auditorium, Castray Esplanade, Battery Point)

The workshop featured our usual mix of talks and discussions, covering physical oceanography, sea ice, biogeochemistry, waves, model development and technical advances. Our workshops are not restricted to ACCESS-OM2 users – we welcome contributions from all who consider themselves part of the COSIMA community (but if you haven’t already, please sign up to our COSIMA-announce email list). Reports and slides from previous workshops are available here.

The latest version of the workshop program was COSIMA2022_workshop_program_2022_10_28.pdf.

Discussion topics
Breakout sessions on Thursday afternoon. Please follow the links to continue these discussions!
1. Priorities for large CPU experiments (Chair: Andrew Kiss)
2. Vision for WOMBAT ocean BGC (Chair: Matthew Chamberlain)
3. COSIMA recipes / on-ramping for new people (Chair: Julia Neme)
4. Regional modelling (Chair: Chris Chapman)

There was also a discussion session on Friday afternoon on COSIMA and ACCESS-NRI (chair: Navid Constantiou)

Invited keynotes
Elizabeth Hunke: Modeling ice and polar oceans: Highlights from the CICE Consortium and LANL
Alistair Adcroft: Sea-ice, icebergs, and ice-shelves, in MOM6

Oral presentations
Andrew Kiss: COSIMA update
Andy Hogg: ACCESS-NRI and relationship to COSIMA
Chinglen Tensubam: Influence of surface wave mixing on oceanic biogeochemistry
Chris Chapman: Regional Modeling with MOM6: The East Australian Current as a test-bed
Christina Schmidt: Wind– and sea-ice–driven interannual variability of Antarctic Dense Shelf Water formation
Clothilde Langlais: Revisiting the eReefs hydrodynamic and tidal model – lessons learnt from recent re-development of the nesting strategy from global to coastal
Hannah Dawson: Vulnerability of the Antarctic coastline to floating kelp rafts
Ippolita Tersigni: Marginal ice zone heat fluxes from high-resolution thermal imaging of Antarctic sea ice surface temperature
Kathryn Gunn: Freshening slows abyssal circulation and ventilation, Australian Antarctic Basin
Matt Chamberlain: WOMBAT developments in ACCESS and Bluelink
Noah Day: Using CICE6 to map the Antarctic winter marginal ice zone
Pat Wongpan: Primary production by algae in Antarctic sea ice: spatio-temporal satellite-based light penetration index
Pedro Colombo: Implementation of a basal melt parameterization in MOM5
Phil Reid: Sea ice disrupter events
Qing Yee Ellie Ong: Episodic Intrusions of Circumpolar Deep Water through Canyons – an Idealised Study of the Antarctic Slope Front using MOM6
Stephy Libera: Oceanic processes underlying multi-month predictability of Antarctic sea ice
Tyler Rohr: Are Climate Models Biased by Zooplankton Grazing?
Xihan Zhang: Maintenance of the zonal momentum balance of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current by barotropic dynamics
Yuxin Wang: Predictability of Western Australia Marine Heatwaves Using a Linear Inverse Model

Poster presentations
Adele Morrison: Weddell Sea control of ocean temperature variability on the western Antarctic Peninsula
Alessandro Toffoli and Giulio Passerotti: Automated identification of sea ice floes from digital images
Ariaan Purich: Southern Ocean freshwater initiative
Ashley Barnes: Topographically generated internal waves as a response to wind forcing
Chengyuan Pang: Remote energy sources for mixing in the Indonesian Seas
Claire Yung: Antarctic ice shelf cavity modelling with MOM6
Dhruv Bhagtani: The Interplay Between Wind Stress and Surface Buoyancy Fluxes in Driving Ocean Gyres
Edward Doddridge: Advection, Diffusion, or Confusion: Tracer fluxes in the Southern Ocean
Felipe Vilela da Silva: Meanders in the ACC shape air-sea heat flux and water subduction in ACCESS-OM2-01
Jan Jaap Meijer: Cyclogenesis beneath a standing meander in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Jan Zika: A water mass-based state estimate of the changing ocean
Jingwei Zhang: The Recent Rebound of Shelf Water Salinity in the Ross Sea Induced by Atmospheric Forcing
Jodie Schlaefer: Projecting the future hydrodynamic environment of the Great Barrier Reef: a dynamic climate-ocean downscaling
Jules Kajtar: Exploring marine heatwave drivers and predictability using OceanParcels
Julia Neme: Barotropic vorticity budget of the Weddell Gyre
Laurie Menviel: Reduced high southern latitude carbon uptake due to strengthening and poleward shift of SH westerlies
Maurice Huguenin: Subsurface warming of West Antarctic coastal waters during El Niño
Natalia Ribeiro Santos: Wind forcing control of mCDW intrusions into Vincennes Bay, East Antarctica.
Océane Richet: Response of the Indonesian Throughflow and its properties to different high resolutions and different bathymetries:
a model case study

Paul Spence: Sensitivity of Antarctic shelf waters and abyssal overturning to polar wind amplitude
Pete Strutton: The vision for eddy-based BGC studies in CLEX
Petra Heil: Measuring sea-ice break-up
Polina Sholeninova: In search for Antarctic Bottom Water pathways
Ryan Holmes: Regional Coupled Modelling of the eastern equatorial Pacific with CROCO-WRF: Mesoscale air-sea coupling and mixing
Sandeep Mohapatra: The footprint of the asymmetric mode of the global ocean in sea surface height
Stewart Allen: Conversion and Interpolation of the Ice Thickness Distribution in ACCESS-OM2
Stuart Corney: What do Southern Ocean ecosystems need from COSIMA?
Taimoor Sohail: Watermass co-ordinates isolate the historical climate change signal
Tamara Schlosser: Understanding how light controls the timing of the Southern Ocean spring bloom
Will Hobbs: Drivers of increased summer Antarctic sea ice variability
Wilma Huneke: Australia’s ACCESS-CM2 climate model with a higher-resolution ocean-sea ice component (1/4°)
Xinlong Liu : Characteristics and Trends of the Campbell Plateau Meander in the Southern Ocean: 1993-2020
Xuebin Zhang: Roles of surface forcing in the Southern Ocean temperature and salinity changes under increasing CO2: perspectives from model perturbation experiments and a theoretical framework
Yinghuan Xie: Residence time for the lower cell water in the euphotic zone
Yuhang Liu: A reduction of the ocean heat transport towards Antarctic ice shelves by seafloor roughness
Zhaohui Wang: Can ocean-sea ice model-simulated variable sea ice thickness and snow depth improve the ice surface temperature simulation in Antarctic numerical weather prediction?

Award presentations

top-up winners
COSIMA PhD scholarship top-up winners Noah Day, Claire Yung and Yinghuan Xie.

Navid Constantinou accepting the 2022 Most Selfless Contributor award from 2019 winner Russ Fiedler.

Workshop award winners: Jan Japp Meijer: Prettiest Poster Picture, Natalia Ribeiro Santos: Most Creative Lightning Talk, Felipe Da Silva: Best Student Inquisitor.

Congratulations to all! 🎉

Paul Spence, Andrew Kiss, Adele Morrison, Ellie Ong, Chris Chapman