MOM-SIS-025-WOMBAT is COSIMA’s biogeochemistry model (soon to be replaced by ACCESS-OM2 at three resolutions), coupled into our 1/4° ocean-sea ice model. It uses MOM5.1 with 0.25° lateral resolution at the Equator, tripolar in the north and Mercator projection down to 65°S, with 50 vertical levels. The sea ice is SIS, coupled with the FMS coupler. The model can be forced using either CORE or JRA forcing sets. The model has undergone substantial iterations and tunings to enhance the tracer distributions. A presentation by Matthew Chamberlain in May 2017 on the status of these amazing simulations is available here. The first publications from these simulations are in the draft phase.


Primary production in (left) MOM025-FMS-SIS-Wombat simulation (right) observations.
Carbon flux in (left) MOM025-FMS-SIS-Wombat simulation (right) observations.

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