COSIMA V Workshop, 2020


The fifth COSIMA Workshop was to be held in Hobart but due to the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown the Workshop was moved to an online format and held during May 2020.

Organising Committee

Dr Xuebin Zhang,

Dr Kewei Lyu

Dr Veronica Tamsitt

Dr Annie Foppert

Supporting Institutions

The Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX)

Centre for Southern Hemisphere Oceans Research (CSHOR), CSIRO


Workshop V Program

To access the workshop, please use this zoom link.


Follow the link to each session to find a list of talks, presentations or to watch video recording.

Session 1:  Thursday 7 May 10am-12pm

General updates on model development (Chair – Xuebin Zhang) (click to see all videos in this session)

Andy Hogg: Future COSIMA directions (pdf)

Andrew Kiss: ACCESS-OM2 update (pdf)

Kewei Lyu: ACCESS-OM2 contribution to ocean-only FAFMIP (pdf)

Paul Sandery: Update on the development of an ocean-sea-ice DA system using ACCESS-OM2-01 (pdf)

Terry O‘Kane: The CSIRO Climate re-Analysis Forecast Ensemble dataset: 96 climate state estimates spanning 1960-present (pdf)

Vassili Kitsios: Ensemble transform Kalman filter parameter estimation of ocean optical properties for reduced bias in a coupled GCM (pdf)

Matt Chamberlain: ACCESS-ESM1.5 ocean biogeochemical climate change projections (pdf)


Session 2: Thursday 14 May 10am-12pm

Ocean-ice-wave interactions (Chair – Veronica Tamsitt) (click to see all videos in this session)

Annie Foppert: observations of AABW properties in the Australian Antarctic Basin (pdf)

Andreas Klocker: Ocean-ice interaction in the subpolar Southern Ocean generates the ocean’s internal pycnocline (pdf)

Will Hobbs: OM2 simulation of the 2016 extreme Antarctic sea ice loss (pdf)

Siobhan O’Farrell: Arctic and Antarctic sea ice results in CMIP6 (pdf)

Alberto Alberello: Wave-ice interactions and effects on trends in marginal ice zone extent (pdf)

Marzieh H. Derkani: Waves and surface current observations during the Antarctic Circumnavigation expedition (pdf)

Isabela de Souza Cabral: Extreme winds and waves in the Arctic (pdf)


Session 3: Thursday 21 May 10am-12pm

Model applications (Chair – Kewei Lyu) (click to see all videos in this session)

Kial Stewart: Southern Ocean response to extreme SAM conditions (pdf)

Qian Li: Zonally asymmetric response of surface Southern Ocean to wind and thermal forcing

Matthew England: Role of wind variations in controlling ocean warming south of Australia (pdf)

Erik Behrens: Seasonal and interannual variability of the Subtropical Front in the New Zealand region (absent)

Veronica Tamsitt: Lagrangian pathways of Circumpolar Deep Water on the Antarctic continental shelf (pdf)

Fabio Boeira Dias: Ocean heat storage driven by redistribution of heat in response to ocean circulation changes (pdf)

Yi Jin: Regional ocean downscaling in Asian marginal seas (pdf)


Session 4: Thursday 28 May 10am-12pm

Process-based analysis (Chair – Annie Foppert) (click to see all videos in this session)

Stephen Griffies: A conceptual tutorial on vertical Lagrangian remapping

Ryan Holmes: Another update on numerical mixing in the ACCESS-OM2 models (pdf)

Callum Shakespeare: Lagrangian Filtering: a novel method for identifying internal waves in high-resolution model output (pdf)

Jemima Rama: The reflection of near inertial internal waves (pdf)

Maurice Huguenin: The Role of Diabatic Processes in Driving Ocean Heat Content Changes (pdf)

Abhishek Savita: What drives the Ocean’s Super Residual Circulation? (pdf)

Julia Neme: Preliminary analysis of the Ross and Weddell Gyres in ACCESS-OM2 (pdf)