Session 1: General updates on model development

COSIMA V Workshop – Session 1:

General updates on model development

Thursday 7 May. 10am-12 noon

Andy Hogg: Future COSIMA directions

Andrew Kiss: ACCESS-OM2 update

Kewei Lyu: ACCESS-OM2 contribution to ocean-only FAFMIP

Paul Sandery: Update on the development of an ocean-sea-ice DA system using ACCESS- OM2-01

Terry O‘Kane: The CSIRO Climate re-Analysis Forecast Ensemble dataset: 96 climate state estimates spanning 1960-present

Vassili Kitsios: Ensemble transform Kalman filter parameter estimation of ocean optical properties for reduced bias in a coupled GCM

Matt Chamberlain: ACCESS-ESM1.5 ocean biogeochemical climate change projections.