Ice Algae Model Intercomparison Project phase 2 (IAMIP2)


This website provides the information regarding the input and output data of IAMIP2. A full description of the IAMIP2 experiments is currently under review for Geoscientific Model Development. For questions, email Hakase Hayashida (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania).

Input data for conducting IAMIP2 experiments

Historical (1958-2018)

The historical experiment is done by prescribing the following initial and boundary conditions. Click on the links below to download the data.

  • Initial conditions
  • Boundary conditions
    • Atmospheric forcing (JRA55-do)
      • Go to
      • On the left tab, select “OMIP” under “Target MIP”
      • Hit “Search”
      • On the left tab, select “tas, huss, uas, vas, psl, rsds, rlds, prra, prsn, friver, licalvf” under “Variable”
      • Hit “Search”
      • There should be 11 results. Download the data either individually (select “List files”) or in bulk (select “WGET Script”).
    • Atmospheric CO2 (global monthly mean under CMIP6-historical)
      • Note the above link provides data until 2014. From 2015 to 2018, prescribe the data for CMIP6-SSP585 (the link below under “Projection (2015-2100)”.)

Projection (2015-2100)

The projection experiment is done by applying the atmospheric output of EC-Earth3. Hakase is currently interpolating the data to the JRA55-do grid.

  • Boundary conditions
    • Atmospheric forcing (EC-Earth3 under SSP585)
    • Atmospheric CO2 (global monthly mean under CMIP6-SSP585)

Exclusion (2015-2100)

The exclusion experiment is done in the identical setup as the projection experiment except that the sea-ice ecosystem component is excluded from the model.

Control (1958-2100)

The control run is done by applying the repeat-year forcing of JRA55-do v1.4.0 over 01/May/1990 – 30/April/1991. Please contact Hakase if you wish to obtain this data.

Links for more details



The links to the IAMIP2 product will be available here when it is ready!

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