ACCESS-OM2 is the moniker used to describe the suite of ACCESS Ocean Models, as well as to specifically refer to the default 1° model version. ACCESS-OM2 is comprised of MOM5.1, with the CICE5 sea ice model and OASIS-MCT coupling. It is designed to be consistent with the full coupled version of ACCESS (to be released shortly as ACCESS-CM2).

The model lateral resolution is 1° at the Equator, with a tripolar grid in the north and Mercator projection down to 65°S. It has 50 vertical levels. The model is configured to run with both the CORE and JRA55-do forcing datasets.

Model Performance

Typical processor configurations for ACCESS-OM2 on Raijin are:

  • 216 cores for the MOM5.1 ocean;
  • 24 cores for the CICE5 sea ice model;
  • 1 core for the MATM atmosphere;
  • totalling 252 cores on the Broadwell nodes on Raijin.

Default simulations use a 5400 second timestep, yielding runtimes of ~16 minutes per model year (~90 model years per day at full capacity).

Model Output

Results from the model are released freely for community use. Currently, these results are housed in /g/data3/hh5/tmp/cosima/access-om2/ on NCI. In the near future we will publish simulation data…

We routinely analyse the model output using the COSIMA Cookbook. For a short analysis of a preliminary spinup, read our blog post on the topic.