Data available: 0.1° 1958-2018 ACCESS-OM2 IAF run


25TB of model output data from a 1958-2018 spinup run with COSIMA’s ACCESS-OM2-01 0.1-degree global coupled ocean – sea ice model is now available for anyone to use (see conditions below) on this path at NCI:


You will need to be a member of the ik11 group for access – apply at if needed.

The 01deg_jra55v140_iaf spinup was run under interannually-varying JRA55-do v1.4.0 forcing from 1 Jan 1958 to 31 Dec 2018, starting from rest with World Ocean Atlas 2013 v2 climatological temperature and salinity. The run configuration is based on that used for Kiss et al. (2020) but has many improvements which will be documented soon.

There are many outputs available for the entire run, with additional outputs also enabled for the later years (see below for details).
MOM5 ocean model outputs are saved under self-explanatory filenames in
and CICE5 outputs are in
(there are too many files to list with ls, so narrow it down, e.g. by including the year, e.g. *2000*.nc)
We recommend using the COSIMA Cookbook to access and analyse this data:

In addition, from 1 Jan 1987 to 31 Dec 2018 we have daily-mean 3d temp, salt, u, v and wt data. However, this is currently stored at
and not yet available on /g/data/ik11 (to access this you will need to be a member of project x77 – apply here). It amounts to 51TB and we are considering ways to reduce this storage requirement, for example by restricting the geographical or depth or time range, reducing numerical precision or vertical resolution, and/or averaging over longer time intervals. If you have an interest in this daily 3d data please let us know what form of data reduction is compatible with your needs.

Annual restarts (on 1 Jan each year) are also available at
for anyone who may wish to re-run a segment with different diagnostics or branch off a perturbation experiment.
Summary details of each submitted run are tabulated (and searchable) here and the model configuration used for the spinup is here.

Conditions of use:
We request that users of this or other COSIMA model code or output data:

    1. consider citing Kiss et al. (2020) []
    2. include an acknowledgement such as the following:
      The authors thank the Consortium for Ocean-Sea Ice Modelling in Australia (COSIMA;, for making the ACCESS-OM2 suite of models available at Model runs were undertaken with the assistance of resources from the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), which is supported by the Australian Government.
    3. let us know of any publications which use these models or data so we can add them to our list

Details of model outputs available at /g/data/ik11/outputs/access-om2-01/01deg_jra55v140_iaf
You may find this partial list of diagnostics useful for decoding the MOM diagnostic names.

  • 1 Jan 1958 to 31 Dec 2018
    • MOM ocean data
      • Daily mean 2d bottom_temp, frazil_3d_int_z, mld, pme_river, sea_level, sfc_hflux_coupler, sfc_hflux_from_runoff, sfc_hflux_pme, surface_salt, surface_temp
      • Monthly mean 3d age_global, buoyfreq2_wt, diff_cbt_t, dzt, pot_rho_0, pot_rho_2, pot_temp, salt, temp_xflux_adv, temp_yflux_adv, temp, tx_trans, ty_trans_nrho_submeso, ty_trans_rho, ty_trans_submeso, ty_trans, u, v, vert_pv, wt
      • Monthly mean 2d bmf_u, bmf_v, ekman_we, eta_nonbouss, evap_heat, evap, fprec_melt_heat, fprec, frazil_3d_int_z, lprec, lw_heat, melt, mh_flux, mld, net_sfc_heating, pbot_t, pme_net, pme_river, river, runoff, sea_level_sq, sea_level, sens_heat, sfc_hflux_coupler, sfc_hflux_from_runoff, sfc_hflux_pme, sfc_salt_flux_coupler, sfc_salt_flux_ice, sfc_salt_flux_restore, surface_salt, surface_temp, swflx, tau_x, tau_y, temp_int_rhodz, temp_xflux_adv_int_z, temp_yflux_adv_int_z, tx_trans_int_z, ty_trans_int_z, wfiform, wfimelt
      • Monthly mean squared 3d u, v
      • Monthly max 2d mld
      • Monthly min 2d surface_temp
      • Daily snapshot scalar eta_global, ke_tot, pe_tot, rhoave, salt_global_ave, salt_surface_ave, temp_global_ave, temp_surface_ave, total_net_sfc_heating, total_ocean_evap_heat, total_ocean_evap, total_ocean_fprec_melt_heat, total_ocean_fprec, total_ocean_heat, total_ocean_hflux_coupler, total_ocean_hflux_evap, total_ocean_hflux_prec, total_ocean_lprec, total_ocean_lw_heat, total_ocean_melt, total_ocean_mh_flux, total_ocean_pme_river, total_ocean_river_heat, total_ocean_river, total_ocean_runoff_heat, total_ocean_runoff, total_ocean_salt, total_ocean_sens_heat, total_ocean_sfc_salt_flux_coupler, total_ocean_swflx_vis, total_ocean_swflx
    • CICE sea ice data
      • Daily mean 2d aice, congel, dvidtd, dvidtt, frazil, frzmlt, hi, hs, snoice, uvel, vvel
      • Monthly mean 2d aice, alvl, ardg, congel, daidtd, daidtt, divu, dvidtd, dvidtt, flatn_ai, fmeltt_ai, frazil, frzmlt, fsalt, fsalt_ai, hi, hs, iage, opening, shear, snoice, strairx, strairy, strength, tsfc, uvel, vvel
  • 1 Jan 1987 to 31 Dec 2018 only
    • MOM ocean data
      • monthly mean 3d bih_fric_u, bih_fric_v, u_dot_grad_vert_pv
      • daily mean 3d salt, temp, u, v, wt (not yet available on ik11 – see above)
    • CICE sea ice data
      • daily mean 2d aicen, vicen
  • 1 Jan 2012 to 31 Dec 2018 only
    • MOM ocean data
      • monthly snapshot 2d sea_level
      • monthly snapshot 3d salt, temp, u, v, vert_pv and vorticity_z