Updated COSIMA Cookbook default database

The COSIMA Cookbook is the recommended, and supported, method for finding and accessing COSIMA datasets.

Currently COSIMA datasets are located in temporary storage under the hh5 project on the /g/data filesystem at NCI. The default COSIMA Cookbook database (/g/data/hh5/tmp/cosima/database/access-om2.db) indexes data in this location.

The COSIMA datasets are being moved to a new project, ik11: dedicated storage provided by an ARC LIEF grant. As part of this transition the default database will change to:


and will index all data in /g/data/ik11/outputs/. The database is updated daily.

This change will take place from Wednesday the 1st of July. To access the old database pass an argument to create_session:

session = cc.database.create_session(db='/g/data/hh5/tmp/cosima/database/access-om2.db')

or set the COSIMA_COOKBOOK_DB environment variable, e.g. for bash

export set COSIMA_COOKBOOK_DB=/g/data/hh5/tmp/cosima/database/access-om2.db

In the same way the new ik11 database can be accessed by using the path to it (/g/data/ik11/databases/cosima_master.db) in the same manner as above.