Technical Working Group Meeting, November 2016


Date: 8th November 2016

  • Marshall Ward (NCI, Chair)
  • Aidan Heerdegen, Scott Wales (ARCCSS)
  • Nick Hannah (ARCCSS/Breakaway Labs)
  • Russ Fiedler and Matt Chamberlain (CSIRO Hobart)
  • Peter Dobrohotoff (CSIRO Aspendale)


  • Peter reiterated ACCESS-OM2 uses CICE5.
  • COSIMA Ocean models should share code with ACCESS Coupled models. Need to upgrade ACCESS-OM2-025 to CICE5.
  • Dave Bi expressed interest to run ACCESS-OM models in future. Also happy to have CICE5 hosted on OceansAus github repo and work from there. Need to check licensing and merge codebases. Nic and Peter will work together to do this.
  • Aidan felt there needed to be an understood workflow for developing directly from the OceansAus CICE repo: develop in branches and pull to master?
  • Peter uses Rose/cylc and can pull code automatically from any repo.
  • Aidan tested ACCESS-OM-025 config on the repo. Worked well out of the box, but made some cosmetic changes to instructions to make it easier to use.
  • Aidan has also ported this configuration to use Marshall’s payu run tool, and ran with JRA-55 forcing for Ocean Heat uptake project with Susan Wijffels.
  • Nic concerned that MATM will not work with JRA-55 without code changes. Russ assisted Fabio in making some changes to MATM, will talk to Aidan offline about those.
  • Discussion about the flat file structure of the current COSIMA model. No strong feelings either way, so keep it flat
  • Discussion about making more general changes to the model code to improve input/output specification to make them easier to run. Marshall not keen on this idea for other codes because of deviating too much from “standard”, but MATM is “ours” so should be modified as much as we like. Aidan suggested “light touch” modifications, utilising optional namelist or pre-processor options as a compromise solution.
  • Discussion about what platforms we should support. Want it to be used in as many places as possible, so work towards that goal. First step is for Aidan to complete cmake support for MOM. Use this as a test for extension to other models.
  • Need a robust way of hosting the input files, which currently run to many GB. There are licensing issues. Talk to GFDL about their license, liase with data people to host the data set through NCI THREDDS server. Maybe grab as much data as possible from host institutions to avoid licensing issues.
  • Need a useable solution in the interim until licensing and hosting sorted out.



  • Add Peter’s CICE5.1 config to OceansAus github repo (Nic and Peter)
  • Port MOM5 build system to cmake (Aidan)
  • Push updated MATM code with JRA-55 support to OceansAus github (Aidan)
  • Get licensing for MOM5 input files (Marshall)
  • Work on hosting MOM5 input files on NCI THREDDS server (Marshall, Aidan)


  • Nic create a discussion document (on COSIMA?) to document current approaches and strategies for future
  • Move FMS to submodule of MOM5 github repo (Marshall). Liase with Nic on implementation?
  • Test Nic’s access-om model config on OceansAus (Others)
  • Work up test cases to cover the nudging code (Justin, Mirko) and supply them to Nic.
  • Move to CICE5 on OceansAus repo (Nic).
  • Add new test cases to Jenkins test suite (Nic).
  • Aidan to provide Matt with location of tenth model test data. Check if capturing all the diagnostics Matt might be interested in.
  • Matt to provide Marshall with some test cases for the Xeon Phi test cases, maybe 1 deg configurations.