COSIMA IV, Sep 2019

The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held on 3-4 September 2019 at ANU, Canberra. More details here.

COSIMA III, May 2018

The 2018 Annual Meeting was held on 7-8 May 2018 at ANU, Canberra. The meeting report (including talk slides) is available here.

COSIMA II, May 2017

Our 2017 Annual Meeting was held on 25-26 May 2017 in Sydney at the Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW. The meeting agenda is here. A full meeting report can be found here.

COSIMA I, May 2016

The first meeting of the Consortium for Ocean Sea Ice Modelling in Australia (COSIMA) was held in Hobart on the 26-27 May 2016. There were 38 attendees (20 of whom gave presentations), representing 10 different institutions. A full meeting report can be found here.

COMA II, Sep 2014

The second COMA meeting was held in Melbourne in 2014. See this document for a summary of the meeting.

COMA I, May 2012

An informal ocean modelling meeting (dubbed COMA, or the Consortium for Ocean Modelling in Australia) was held in Hobart in 2012. A brief report on this meeting is available here.